Ted Cruz slams actor Jim Carrey for painting of Covington Catholic High School kids

By know you likely already know the story of the Covington Catholic High School kids and the bitterly partisan reaction that has followed.

About a week ago, clips began surfacing which seem to show a kid in a MAGA hate standing and smirking at a Native American as he played a drum. Then all insanity happened.

Those on the left immediately jumped all over those kids in Make American Great Again hats. They were bigots and racists. There were calls for violence against those kids in the video and their parents, everyone on the left lost their freaking minds. Basically, these kids were the devil and the left was going to after them, regardless of whether they were children.

However, that turned out not to be the case. More, longer videos of the confrontation began surfacing that depicted slurs being hurled at the kids in the MAGA hats and the victim Native American purposely walking up to the kids as he beat his drum in their faces.

Many on the left were forced to eat crow, jumping the gun before all the facts were available. Really, all those on the left needed to know was the kids skin color and that fact that they were wearing MAGA hats and that was enough to convict.

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey seems to be one of those leftists that all he needed to know was skin color and the kids’ choice in hats to convict. Carrey decided to use his talents to depict the Trump and those kids as “baby snakes.”

Doesn’t matter that the people in the video are kids, all that matters is they are white and Trump supporters, so they are automatically evil in Carrey’s eyes.

Well, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Carrey’s artistic depiction of the Covington Catholic High School teens.


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