CNN’s Jim Acosta writing book about Trump’s battle with the media

Donald Trump is not a big fan of the media. He’s basically singlehandedly brought the term “fake news” into existence, calling out reporters and in some instances, entire news organizations.

Likewise, the media generally doesn’t enjoy President Trump. Most media availabilities, involving most Trump administration officials usually ends up in a contentious manner, whether they be press conferences, impromptu question-and-answer sessions or whatever.

However, the one person who President Trump, Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and really, any other high-profile member of the Trump administration has had the most heated disagreements with has been CNN’s Jim Acosta. About that there is no doubt.

Acosta is CNN’s chief White House correspondent, which means he’s a reporter. But often times, Acosta morphs into a commentator, interjecting his opinion when his opinion really has no business being in the story.

So, knowing all that, what better person to write about Trump’s battles with the media than Acosta, right?  Well, it’s happening anyway.

Acosta is writing a book, expected to be out in June which will be titled: “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

On the book, Acosta says “this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America, but the truth is bigger than a bully.”

It’s unbelievable, a reporter can make that kind of a statement and still be allowed to be called a “reporter.” Anyway, the left will absolutely eat Acosta’s book up until they find out the book is nothing more than Acosta going on and on about how much Acosta loves and admires himself for 200 pages or so.



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