Like bacon? Well, get ready for ‘Bacon Hour’ at McDonald’s

As if fast food wasn’t unhealthy enough, one American company has found a way to make it even more so.

McDonald’s is introducing something called “Bacon Hour.” It it is literally just what it sounds like: one 60-minute period where bacon is king.

On January 29, from 4-5 p.m., the iconic fast food chain is offering to add free bacon to absolutely any of their menu items. 

Want bacon on your Big Mac? You got it. Want it on your Filet-O-Fish? Sure, thing. Want that glorious meat on a McFlurry? No problem.

Neither of those combos are your thing? Want to add it to a McGriddle? Ok, do it. The possibilities are literally endless, but choose wisely my friend.

Each customer is limited to only two, free pieces of that amazing pork product.

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