Joy Behar on ‘The View’: ‘We’re desperate to get Trump out of office’

The majority of the media isn’t just against Trump, they are against anyone with an ‘R’ by their name.

This is something most Republicans and conservative people in general have always thought, that the media does have a liberal bias. And for the longest time, Republicans have been told, “no, that’s just in your head. The media isn’t for or against one party. They are the mediators, working and digging to get to the objective truth.”

Well, Joy Behar on “The View” confirmed what most conservative people have thought for decades: That the media most certainly has a liberal bias.

Behar’s stunning display of honest came during a discussion of the Covington High School kids and the media’s rush to judgment without getting all of the facts. Whoopi rhetorically asks why does this seem to keep happening? Behar retorts “because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office.”

Check out Behar’s surprisingly honest answer:

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