New York legalizes abortion up to birth

Today, on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, The Reproductive Health Act passed in New York state and Gov. Andrew Como has already signed it into law. SIGNED. The #ReproductiveHealthAct is now law. Congratulations […]


Democrat Kamala Harris raises $1.5M hours after announcing presidential campaign

Kamala Harris is officially running for President of the United States. The first-term senator announced her presidential campaign Monday morning. Harris made her announcement on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”   The California senator hops into […]

KFC selling candles that smell like their gravy

When people think fast food chicken, it’s more than likely that Kentucky Fried Chicken is what comes to mind. Apparently, after dominating the fast food chicken game, the colonel is looking to become another industry. […]

Joy Behar on ‘The View’: ‘We’re desperate to get Trump out of office’

The majority of the media isn’t just against Trump, they are against anyone with an ‘R’ by their name. This is something most Republicans and conservative people in general have always thought, that the media […]