Louisiana eye care company offers NFL refs free eye exams

Being a referee is a thankless job. When a ref makes a good or a right call, no one knows, pays attentions or really even cares. But when a referee blows a call, the entire stadium and in some instances, the nation, lets him or her hear it.

On Sunday, the Patriots and the Rams won in their conference championship games to advance to the Super Bowl. However, those games weren’t without some controversy, especially the Saints and Rams game.

Late in the game, as the Saints were driving down the field, Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw a pass towards the goal line. The pass fell incomplete, ending the Saints drive momentum, ultimately resulting in their loss at home to the LA Rams.

But on the pass play there was obvious pass interference, which the referees, for some odd reason did not call.

Now, one Louisiana business, upset by the none call, has offered to give NFL referees free eye exams.


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