New video shows Covington Catholic High School students were approached first

A viral story about some Kentucky high school students in MAGA hats confronting Native Americans during their Indigenous People’s March on Friday is now being questioned as a possible hoax.

Videos are now surfacing on Twitter and YouTube that show Native American activist Nathan Phillips was the one to approach the teenagers and get in their faces first. For transparency’s sake, I have no way of knowing if these have been edited, but a local Cincinnati TV reporter shared this statement from the students, who provided links to the videos.

Watch some of the clips below.

Here’s the almost four minute video that went viral on YouTube and prompted outrage over the students’ behavior.

The school responded by apologizing and saying their behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings “on the dignity and respect of the human person.” Officials are reviewing the incident and students could be expelled.

Mr. Phillips maintains his side of the story and says they also chanted “build that wall.”

So what’s the truth? Without being there, it’s hard to say, but if the full videos are any indication, these students didn’t come up to the Native American marchers and start anything. It does show that they were, in fact, harassed by some anti-Israel groups before the alleged confrontation happened with Mr. Phillips.

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