Key points from President Trump’s statement

President Trump just finished making his statement to the nation, outlining a new deal on border security that he hopes Democrats will approve of and vote on next week.

Here’s what’s on the table:

-Three years of legislative protection for 700,000 DACA recipients and 300,000 immigrants on temporary protected status, in exchange for more border security funding.

-The look of the wall has changed. The new concept of the border wall will be “steel barriers in high priority locations. This is not a 2,000-mile concrete structure from sea to sea.”

-More border patrol agents and judges in place to handle immigration cases as well as a change in applying for asylum status.

-The President says Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will bring it to a vote next week.

Will the Democrats negotiate? It doesn’t look like it. Speaker Nancy Peolsi has already responded, saying:

“Democrats were hopeful that the President was finally willing to re-open government and proceed with a much-needed discussion to protect the border.

“Unfortunately, initial reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable and in total, do not represent a good faith effort to restore certainty to people’s lives.  It is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the House, and taken together, they are a non-starter.  For one thing, this proposal does not include the permanent solution for the Dreamers and TPS recipients that our country needs and supports.

“Next week, Democrats will pass a package of six bills agreed to by House and Senate negotiators and other legislation to re-open government so that we can fully negotiate on border security proposals.

“The President must sign these bills to re-open government immediately and stop holding the American people hostage with this senseless shutdown.  Each day he prolongs this needless crisis, Coast Guardsmen, FBI agents, border patrol officers, TSA agents, and hundreds of thousands more workers are forced to live without knowing how they can feed their families or pay their bills.

“The President has taken pride in shutting down government. Now, he must take action to open up government.”

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