WATCH: Draft Beto releases their first ‘ad’

A new campaign to draft Beto O’Rourke for President has released their first “ad” for the former Texas Senate hopeful.

According to their web site, Draft Beto  “is a revolutionary campaign to convince Beto O’Rourke to run for President in 2020. We believe by building the grassroots infrastructure and financial resources we’ll be able to not only convince Beto to run for the Democratic nomination, but give him a headstart. That’s why every single dollar we raise is put into an escrow account, which immediately transfers to Beto’s campaign if he decides to run.”

The group is made up of volunteers, including Supernatural’s Misha Collins.

They’ve put together their first ad, making the potential candidate look a lot like Obama did in 2008: young, hip and gunning for the youth vote. In the ad, O’Rourke drops an f-bomb, so this is a warning that it’s NSFW.


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