PETA: ‘Traditional’ masculinity is dead, encourages people to go vegan in absurdly idiotic video

Some people and groups live for controversy. They thrive on it. Why?  It brings them attention, bad or good and apparently, similar to press, any kind is worthwhile.

One group that has made its living on being outrageous with its over the top message and in your face tactics is People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals, or as they are more commonly called, PETA.

For as long as I can remember PETA has always latched onto the latest trendy, liberal message and then taken it to its absolute extreme as it kills any kind of credibility it may have had in the process.

Do people really take PETA seriously? They’ve thrown buckets of fake blood on people wearing fur and compared people who drink milk to serial killers and Nazis? And they wonder why people mock them?

Well, the morons at PETA have once again taken a trendy, liberal message: “toxic masculinity” and used it as a way to try and get people to go vegan, but added a special level of stupidity that only PETA could.

Here’s PETA’s latest idiotic, attempt to get attention, but be forewarned, you’ll have to burn your eyes after viewing.

6 thoughts on “PETA: ‘Traditional’ masculinity is dead, encourages people to go vegan in absurdly idiotic video”

  1. The ad is clearly meant to be silly and lighthearted, but it has a good point: Eating your veggies is good for animals, your heart, and all your parts.

  2. Poke fun all you want, but vegan men care about animals, the environment, and their health, including their stamina, which makes them more appealing.

  3. This ad is spot-on. Vegan men have it all: they’re compassionate, kind, healthy and they care about animals and the environment. They’re so incredibly attractive!

  4. Truth. Doctors now know that the cholesterol and fat in meat and other animal-based foods slow the flow of blood to all the body’s vital organs, not just the heart, so…eat your veggies!

  5. Hahaha. Vegans go eat your tofurkey and leave the normal people alone. Putting vegetables on your crotches just looks like you’re compensating for something. “Vegan men are kind and caring?” Maybe some of them, but ask them to carry your shit up a flight of stairs and watch them faint at the third step, little arms shaking from the strain.

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