Instagram has started censoring pro-2A companies

If you’re an active woman who carries, you may have read about Alexo Athletica. They are a fairly new company that designs high quality athletic wear that are specially designed to snugly and comfortably conceal your self defense tool of choice, including a firearm.

The signature pant has multiple pockets which hold keys, cell phones, pepper spray and even a water bottle along with your taser or firearm. Their mission is to “promote one’s second amendment right” along with  a “woman’s right to choose how she defends herself”

Instagram has been a major promotional tool used by the company when launching last year, but now the site has started censoring their content because they don’t approve of the products the company makes to help women defend themselves.

Owner Amy Robbins, a former NRA host, posted some screenshots showing the censorship and explanation as to why Instgram will no longer allow users to buy Alexo’s products through the swipe up/tagging feature in their app.

Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook several years ago, can take down any content that it wants, but it’s sad that they are choosing to censor a product because they don’t support the message that women should be empowered to defend themselves however they see fit.

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