VIDEO: Kamala Harris trying to relate, gives her ‘mood mix’

Democratic politicians, at least those contemplating a run for the White House in 2020, must know they have a likability problem.

How else could you adequately explain some of the cringe-worthy videos from prominent Democratic politicians? First there was Elizabeth Warren’s beer-guzzling Instagram Live, then there was Beto’s bizarre Instagram Live during a trip to the dentist and now, I guess it was Kamala Harris’ turn.

Harris, who has consistently been mentioned as a possible 2020 presidential candidate, gave us her “Mood Mix.”

In the forced, cringe-worthy video, Harris goes through a list of scenarios and then tells us a song that makes her feel this way or that way, ones that must be played loud or at a barbecue or whatever.

Oddly enough, she actually mispronounces the name of an artist in her “Mood Mix.” She says “pepper” instead of “peppa.”

Regardless, that really isn’t the point. All of these recent videos from Democrats are nothing more than them trying to imitate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by playing to the younger crowd in order to appeal younger, hipper and cool.  They blatant attempts to try and relate need to stop, I’m not going to vote Harris or any politician for that matter based on their affinity for Beyonce or Too Short. Why not use the platform to discuss actual issues?

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