Sen. Amy Klobuchar on 2020 Presidential bid: ‘my family is on board’

Have you lost track of all the potential Democrat contenders for President? Expect many more to announce in the coming months, including Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

This morning on Morning Joe, when asked about the 2020 race, she told them “I have made very clear that I’m looking at this… I also had said I wanted to talk to my family. So big news today — my family is on board, including my in-laws, showing some momentum.”

Watch the clip below – her remarks come around the 7 minute mark.

Klobuchar has said the way to beat Trump is to “go not just where it’s comfortable but where it’s uncomfortable. And that’s why I visited all eighty-seven counties [in Minnesota] every year.”

That sounds a lot like the President’s strategy in 2016 when he visited places Hillary Clinton did not, then won those states over.



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