CNN analyst accuses Fox News contributor of ‘white privilege’…..he’s black

The left is absolutely obsessed with race. Anytime the issue of race can be brought up in order to divide people, you better believe that the left will most certainly bring it up.

In terms of race, one term – among many- that left likes to throw around is the idea of white privilege. It’s the idea that based on the whiteness of someone’s skin, their life is somehow easier, that they have it better than someone with a darker skin color.

Now apparently, according to the left, “white privilege” even applies to those who aren’t even white. Areva Martin, a CNN legal analyst, was on radio host and Fox News contributor David Webb’s radio show Tuesday morning.

As their conversation began, race came up and what did Martin bring up? What did she accuse Webb of? White privilege of course, simply because he appears on Fox News and happens to be conservative.  But Martin did not know that Webb is actually a black man.

The left just gets dumber every day.

To listen to the audio, click here. 


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