Most Popular Movies & TV shows in 2018 by state

The blog JoyBird has put together a list of the most popular movie releases from 2018 and broken it down by state. To determine the choices, they used IMDB and looked at the highest grossing films from last year and compared those with data collected from Google Trends in 2018. Those two resources helped them determine a clear winner from each state across the US.

See which movie is most popular in your home state below.

The Most Popular 2018 Movie Release by State.

They also took a look at TV shows, creating a graphic for the most popular show overall and one for the top new show from 2018.

The Most Popular TV Show of 2018 by State.

The Most Popular New TV Show of 2018 by State.

People really seemed to like The Purge, This is Us, The 100 & The Resident. Basically anything with “the” in the title ­čÖé

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