President Trump mocks CNN’s Jim Acosta on Twitter

Jim Acosta is a reporter for CNN or that’s his job title, anyway. However, he often interjects his opinion, providing commentary when he should just stick to reporting the facts.

Well, in yet another attempt to try and poke fun at and mock President Trump, Acosta tried to ridicule Trump’s demand for a border wall. Unfortunately for the reporter who seemingly loves being the story instead of just reporting the story, it didn’t go so well.

Acosta, while walking along a part of the U.S.- Mexican border, tries to downplay the crisis at the border. But he specifically mentions that he’s at an area of the wall and mentions that there is no crisis, there is no problem. He doesn’t seem to understand that he makes the case that walls do work.

Regardless, Twitter let Acosta know of his inadvertent advocacy for a border wall. President Trump even got in on the act as well.



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