VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway gives CNN’s Jim Acosta a verbal beatdown

President Donald Trump is set to address the nation at  9 p.m. this evening. Trump will discuss the partial government shutdown and funding for his much-promised wall on the southern border.

He’s expected to make the case for the wall. Also, it’s possible the president may declare a state of emergency on our southern border. But before the president speaks to the nation from the Oval Office, networks are trying to get a feel of what he’s going to say.  Well, some networks are anyway.

Kellyanne Conway was answering questions Tuesday when everyone’s favorite “reporter” CNN’s Jim Acosta butted in, once again making himself the story. He begins by asking Conway if she could promise Trump plans on telling the truth tonight?

Conway was not in the mood to deal any of Acosta’s usual antics. Conway gives Acosta a verbal beatdown that includes embarrassing and calling him out in front of his peers.

Check out the video:

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