Rep. Rashida Tlaib: ‘I’ll never apologize for being me’

Last week, one Michigan Democratic congresswoman made quite the first impression.

Just hours after taking the oath of office, Rashida Tlaib was caught on camera stating her dislike of President Donald Trump, using an expletive to drive home her feelings. Tlaib told supporters that “we’re going to impeach the motherf**ker.”

Well, on Tuesday, Tlaib finally talked about her candid remarks…kind of.


She didn’t exactly apologize for using that kind of language or wanting to impeach President Trump. No, instead she said she doesn’t want her words to distract from her work. And that is the only she is apologizing for: being a distraction.

Then of course, she goes on to talk about how she’s a woman and a woman of color and how hard it is for her and her constituents, typical Democratic talking points.  When all else fails, highlight the fact that you’re a woman and/or a person of color.

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