Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses arguments for the first time in her career

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery to remove some cancerous growths on her lungs last month and was planning to return to court today to hear oral arguments.

Today, though, Ginsburg is missing oral arguments for the first time in her career. Chief Justice John Roberts issued a statement saying, the justice “is unable to be present today but will participate in deciding the two cases being argued by reading legal briefs and transcripts of the oral arguments.”

During her recovery from surgery, she worked from her hospital bed, voting to uphold a block on President Trump’s asylum restrictions by casting the deciding vote. That’s an admirable quality and work ethic, even if you disagree with her political views.

Ginsburg is the oldest member of the court and some have been critical in recent years that she didn’t retire under President Obama, securing her legacy on the court.



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