Congressman Crenshaw: ‘Stop insulting Americans just because they vote for someone you don’t like’

People like to throw insults at one another if you vote for someone from the Republican Party.  Commonly used insults are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and a lot of other “isms” and “ists” I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Likewise, those on the right also like to call others names simply for voting for a Democratic candidate.

Congressman Crenshaw from Texas went to Twitter to address comments made by a congressman from Georgia who, while speaking to the NAACP, called those who voted for and support President Trump a variety of names.  Crenshaw simply makes the statement that that kind of conduct of a sitting congressman is below the office. To denigrate people simply because they voted for someone else is absurd.

Now, while Crenshaw’s video was specifically aimed at a member of Congress, it’s a message that can be easily applied to all of us, for everyone. I understand that during a heated argument things can be said, insults can be exchanged. I’m guilty of such conduct myself, but Crenshaw’s video is a great reminder that sticking to the topics and the issues will always serve us better than resorting to name calling and insults.

Check out Crenshaw’s video:

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