Seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes’ killers were African American, yet false information saying the shooter was white continues to spread

A seven-year-old Houston girl was gunned down while riding in a car with her mother and siblings on December 30th and police believe it was a case of mistaken identity. However, prominent members of the black community and the media quickly accused a white bystander of committing the crime.

Cries of racism and outrage filled Twitter, but police say the white driver of another vehicle at the scene had nothing to do with her death as it was previously reported.

Activists were demonizing white men, calling them terrorists and saying they are the greatest threat to America today.

Contrary to popular belief, reverse racism is a real thing and Bishop Talbert Swan and others of the black community are 100% suffering from it.

A little girl is dead. We should be praying for her family, but because people jumped to conclusions before all the information was known, it’s instead become yet another racially divisive story.

We need to do better.

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