Trey Gowdy responds to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, embarrasses her

Trey Gowdy is no longer in Congress.  The former South Carolina representative, a lawyer by trade, joined a Greenville, South Carolina law firm after his finishing up his time in Congress.

However, the fact that Gowdy is no longer a member of Congress hasn’t stopped Senator Elizabeth Warren from inexplicably attacking him on Twitter.

On Friday, Warren, for some reason, went after Gowdy, accusing him of lobbying and using his time in Congress because he “wanted a fat lobbyist check.”

But, apparently, Warren didn’t read the article that she tweeted. The article mentions Gowdy will be apart of the firm’s “white collar defense and government investigations team.”

The article also states the he worked at the firm prior to leaving for Congress. I mean, why would a lawyer work at a law firm, right?

Well, Warren wasn’t finished going after Gowdy, tweeting:

This move is obviously just a ploy to try and entice more on the far left to support her by showing how she “stands up against government corruption and for the little guy” before she officially announces her run for president.

Gowdy, not one to sit back and take much, responded to Warren, embarrassing her as he made mention of her cringe-worthy, beer-drinking Instagram Live video.

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