Actress starts campaign to call fat shaming hate speech

In recent years, the body positivity movement has exploded. Women and men are told to love their body, no matter the size and while it’s true we should be confident in our own skin, it’s also true that health is important too. Critics of the movement say it encourages overeating and plus size models like Tess Holliday have fired back that BMI does not equate health.

Now, body positivity advocates are taking the movement one step further by labeling fat shaming as “hate speech.”

Actress Jameela Jamil from “The Good Place” recently launched “I Weigh” and aims to stop “fat phobia.”

Jamil is already being criticized for her efforts, with one writer at QZ saying:

It’s also worth noting that Jamil has herself benefited enormously from the system she rails against.

Photoshopped or not, Jamil moves through the world as a woman widely seen as attractive, one who has the substantial privilegessociety grants those who comfortably meet beauty standards. As Hannah Giorgis pointed out in the Atlantic last month, “an unblurred stretch mark might ruffle a magazine editor’s feathers, but it’s not going to keep Jamil from accessing the many benefits that beautiful women enjoy.”

The actress responded on her Twitter, saying she was disappointed by the patronizing tone and lack of research :



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