VIDEO: Sen. Elizabeth Warren trying way too hard to be relatable

This week Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that she is forming an exploratory committee in order to look at a potential presidential run. This should come as no surprise…well, no one actually. Warren has been mentioned as a potential Democratic presidential candidate for years now.

Warren is beloved by the far left of her party. However, for as many Democratic candidates that may throw their hat in the presidential campaign field, appealing to one demographic isn’t going to cut it for Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or anyone else who may decide to get in the race. Knowing this, Elizabeth Warren tried to broaden her support, appeal to a different demo.

Unfortunately, Warren’s beer-guzzling Instagram Live comes off as terribly inauthentic. Instead of appreciating her trying to get out of her comfort zone, you end up just feeling embarrassed for her.

Check out a little bit of her recent Instagram Live video.


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