RNC committeeman proposes rule change to stop primary opponents, simply name Trump 2020 nominee

Competition is supposedly a major part of the Republican Party, the idea that more voices and ideas, not less makes for a better party, candidate and country.

However, one member of the Republican National Committee wants to change the rules in order to block any primary candidates from challenging President Donald Trump.

In an email, Jevon Williams says:

“Unfortunately, loopholes in the rules governing the 2020 re-nomination campaign are enabling these so-called Republicans to flirt with the possibility of contested primaries and caucuses.”

He goes on to say that:

“Accordingly, I am asking for your support to take the unprecedented step of amending the rules to close loopholes in the re-nomination campaign, including Rule 40.”

Basically, the committeeman wants to stop any candidate from challenging Trump, stop them from getting any votes on the convention floor and name Trump the nominee, no questions asked.  Um, wasn’t this kind of inside baseball maneuvering the very thing Republicans accused the DNC of when they helped Hillary Clinton secure the nomination over Bernie Sanders?

Again, I don’t understand this line of thinking at all. Why, if President Trump is actually the choice of the majority of Republicans, does he need to be protected? Yes, President Trump will be the heavily-favored Republican candidate for president, he is, after all, the current President of the United States.

What is so wrong with getting more voices, allowing people more to hear from others?

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