Netflix warns people to not take part in ‘Bird Box challenge’

Just when you thought society couldn’t get any dumber, something comes along and surprises you, but not in a good way.

People are now participating in the “Bird Box challenge.” What is the Bird Box challenge? Excellent question, let me explain.

“Bird Box” is a recently-released Netflix original horror film starring Sandra Bullock. In the film, there is a mysterious force that causes people to go temporarily insane and commit suicide. After several graphic deaths, the characters soon learn that the only way to survive in the outside world is to blindfold oneself and navigate using the other five senses.

Well, now after the film people are actually blindfolding themselves and walking around outside. What could go wrong, right? Apparently enough that Netflix felt the need to warn people to to participate in the idiotic challenge.

Check out people participating in the challenge:

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