Rapper Kanye West begins new year tweeting about Trump, MAGA hats

One of the biggest stories in 2018 was rapper Kanye West meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. During his meeting with Trump, with the cameras present, West went on a 10-minute monologue in which he talked about anything and everything. He talked about his feelings about Trump, the need for manufacturing in America, MAGA hats and fixing the crime rate in his hometown of Chicago.

However, the way to media reacted to West’s visit was beyond ridiculous. Pundits on networks like CNN and MSNBC openly questioned the man’s mental state and even resorted to racist name calling all because the man met with President Trump. Yes, the group who constantly drone on and on about diversity just couldn’t stand the fact that a black, well-known celebrity was actually meeting with Trump and actually showed an openness to another way of thinking.

Well, Ye doesn’t seem to be letting any of that ridicule or harassment keep him from voicing his feelings about Trump and the MAGA movement. West began 2019 by sending out a couple of politically-charged tweets.

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