Former SNL cast member Jane Curtin: Hopes the Republican Party dies

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect and look back upon the last year. People often think about the trips they took, the memories made or other significant changes that took place in the previous 12 months. Unfortunately, for others New Year’s Eve can also be a sad experience, whether it’s thinking about those who are no longer with us or about opportunities squandered, things in life aren’t always good.

As much as New Year’s Eve is about reflecting about the past, New Year’s Day is about looking towards the future. One extremely popular method of hoping for a better future is to make those annual resolutions. Make more money, lose weight, travel and read more are all pretty popular and apolitical. However, now even New Year’s resolutions must be politicized.

On CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, former SNL cast member Jane Curtin made a rather odd resolution, stating that her resolution is to “make sure the Republican Party dies.”

While that will obviously score her points with her Hollywood brethren and other liberal crazies, how does she actually set out to accomplish such a task? Oh well, much like those who say they will exercise more, save more money or read more, it will also be forgotten by mid-January.


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