Melania Trump’s nude colored pants draw ridicule and criticism

Let’s face it, whatever the First Lady does or wears will always cause backlash because her last name is Trump. If she were married to anyone other than the President or if they were Democrats, people would LOVE her fashion sense and style.

But since the Trump name comes with a negative stigma in the media, people are constantly criticizing her fashion choices and now a pair of nude leatherette leggings Mrs. Trump chose to wear on their return to Washington is sparking more ridicule and outrage from the left.

Here are the pants causing all the commotion.

Anyone with a brain can see that the color of her legs does not match the rest of her skin tone so either Mrs. Trump had a really bad spray tan (possible – just look at who she hangs out with) or she’s wearing nude colored pants.

But Twitter just couldn’t be nice to the stylish First Lady.

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