Former Fox host assumes wheelchair bound man was a victim of gun violence

I’ve never heard of Tamara Holder but apparently she used to host something on Fox called “Sports Court.” Now, according to her Twitter bio, she’s a pardon and worker’s rights attorney.

She also looks at young disabled people in wheelchairs and assumes they are there because they got shot.

This tweet might be one of the strangest things I’ve read recently. I’m not sure about you, but if I see someone in a wheelchair, my first thought isn’t “oh, they’re a victim of gun violence.” Truthfully, I don’t even wonder how they got there in the first place or if it’s permanent or temporary.

Holder does, though, and she also makes the assumption that only white men have to have guns. Like most feminists today, she turns to gender and race to try to make her anti-Second Amendment arguments.

But if Holder would do some research, she might find that female gun ownership is on the rise and has been for several years as more and more women are choosing to carry a firearm for personal protection. Even more interesting statistics show that gun ownership among black women has also been on the rise.

So she might want to check her anti-white male feminism at the door, even if she claims she’s not against guns.

As you can imagine, people with disabilities as well as gun owners, were not happy about her assumptions.

Holder stuck to her guns though, claiming she’s not delusional for her line of thinking.


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