President Trump calls for ‘Nuclear Option’ to pass spending bill, funding for wall

Congress has until midnight Friday deadline to pass a spending bill. If lawmakers fail to pass a some kind of spending bill, parts of the government will shut down.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a spending bill, basically on a party-line vote, with more than $5 billion for President Trump’s much-desired and promised wall.

While the House passed the bill, it’s likely to fail in the Senate because 60 votes are needed in order to pass it. However, if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decides to change Senate rules and implement the “Nuclear Option,” it will only take a simple majority to pass or 51 votes to pass the measure. And that’s exactly what President Trump is asking McConnell to do.

On Twitter Friday morning, President Trump implored McConnell to use the Nuclear Option in order to keep the government running and more importantly to Trump, help him keep a central campaign promise.


Trump’s message comes after the White House signaled they were willing to go back on funding for the wall earlier this week.

What will happen? It’s anybody guess at this point.

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