Sen. Mazie Hirono on MSNBC: ‘It will be such bulls**t’ if Trump tries to blame shutdown on Dems

A government shutdown is looming. Congress and President Trump have a midnight deadline on Friday in order to pass a funding bill to keep the government running.

However, after earlier this week when the White House signaled they would sign a bill without funding for Trump’s “beautiful wall,” Trump seems to have changed course and now says that if the bill doesn’t have funding for the wall, he’s not going to sign it.

This is going to make for an interesting Friday. While the House passed a funding bill Thursday evening with $5 billion for the wall, it’s likely to fail in the Senate. Now, with all of this, the funding of the government and funding of the wall, coming to a head, everyone is trying to get out in front of it, trying to relive themselves of any blame for a potential shutdown.

Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono was on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Thursday evening and let her feelings be known about the situation. He probably went a little to far and actually swore on live television.

Hayes also seemed to be taken aback by Hirono’s choice of word.

Check out Hirono’s profane take on the current situation:

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