Former employees allege Planned Parenthood mistreated pregnant workers

Several former employees of Planned Parenthood are alleging the health care provider mistreated them while they were pregnant or on maternity leave.

Ta’Lisa Hairston, who used to work at the organization, told Planned Parenthood’s HR department that due to high blood pressure during her pregnancy that she needed to take frequent breaks. She even got notes from her doctor. But Hairston says they ignored them and gave her little time to rest.

From The New York Times:

“I had to hold back tears talking to pregnant women, telling them to take care of their pregnancies when I couldn’t take care of mine,” she said. “It made me jealous.”

The paper interviewed dozens of current and former employees and found that “managers in some locations declined to hire pregnant job candidates, refused requests by expecting mothers to take breaks and in some cases pushed them out of their jobs after they gave birth, according to current and former employees in California, Texas, North Carolina and New York.

They also discovered Planned Parenthood does not provide paid maternity leave, despite repeated lobbying for it on their Twitter account.

Planned Parenthood’s president responded with a series of Tweets.

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