South Carolina GOP chairman could cancel state’s 2020 primary to ‘protect’ Trump

As Americans, voting is something many, many people hold dear. It’s an opportunity to make your voice heard by electing or re-electing people to office. Voting is not something people take lightly nor should they.

There aren’t many things people will gladly wait hours in line to do, but voting is high on that very short and exclusive list. However, one state GOP chairman is considering doing away with their state’s 2020 presidential primary altogether. 

South Carolina GOP chairman Drew McKissick actually believes that getting rid of their primary would be a great idea in order to “protect” Trump from any potential challengers.

“Considering the fact that the entire party supports the president, we’ll end up doing what’s in the president’s best interest,” said McKissick. 

While he mentions the possibility of getting rid of the primary, he also says that no decision has been made and one won’t be made until next summer when their state executive committee meets.

I understand that getting rid of presidential primaries has been done a few times in the past and each state party can do what they feel is best. However, isn’t the GOP the party that stands for competition, that says more ideas and voices, not less is always the best option? And if the entire South Carolina GOP does truly support the President, shouldn’t they put it to a vote and find out?

Again, I’m just saying, Republican, Democrat, why not hold a vote? Let the people decide who is the best candidate. After all, wasn’t that what happened in 2016?

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