Real witches are mad that Trump is using the term ‘witch hunt’

In an interview with the Louisville Courier Journal, a real witch told the newspaper that wiccans are unhappy that the President keeps using the term “witch hunt” when referring to the Mueller investigation.

One high priestess even went so far to tell the paper that to her, it’s like using the N-word.

“It conjures up for me the burning of 10,000, mostly women, in England and surrounding areas who were accused as witches – right out of the Inquisition playbook,” said Ann Hardman, a Louisville high priestess in the Fellowship of Isis.

“I am incensed with this term. And I have been ever since he did it the first time. It’s insulting; it should be eliminated from the vocabulary. In some ways it’s like the N-word,” Hardman said.

And it’s not just in Louisville – witches all over the country are upset with the term. The Daily Beast talked with other witches, who say the term is hurtful.

Kitty Randal, a witchcraft author told the web site. “To have him compare his situation to the worst period in our history is just infuriating.”

“If Mueller’s investigation were truly a ‘witch hunt,’ then Donald Trump would be hanging naked from chains in a cold barn somewhere, being tortured into admitting his pact with Satan, before being burned at the stake,” Randall said. “Instead he’s golfing at Mar-a-Lago.”

The Daily Beast story also said some witches have tried putting spells on the President to get him to stop. Others have tried hexing Judge Brett Kavanaugh. So far, neither seem to be working.

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