Advertisers abandoning Tucker Carlson, Fox News responds

Tucker Carlson is not everyone’s cup of tea. He doesn’t mince words, tells you exactly what’s on his mind and a lot of his segments, especially with those on the left, end in shouting, yelling or elevated blood pressures.

The Fox News host finds himself in a bit of hot water after a segment last week about immigration. Many were offended by one of Carlson’s opening monologues in which he says immigration makes us, as a nation, “poorer” and “dirtier.”

Check out the segment below:

Initially, following the segment, insurance company Pacific Life announced they would be pulling their ads from his program. Now, more advertisers have said they will no longer run ads during Carlson’s show.

Among those companies who have pulled there ads following Carlson’s comments are: Just for Men,, Smile Direct, IHOP and NerdWallet.

Following this mass exodus of advertisers, both Fox News and Carlson himself responded.

Fox News put out the following statement:

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