VIDEO: Blackhawks mascot and fan get into physical altercation

I’m not a hockey fan, just never been able to get into it. Who wants to watch a game that often ends in a tie? I’m an American and I need a winner and a loser!

Anyway, while I don’t know much about the game of hockey other than it takes place on ice, a stick and a puck are involved and players usually end up in fistfights, at some point. Generally, those fights are confined to the ice and between players. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this weekend.

Blackhawks mascot, Tommy Hawk (I see what they did there), and a fan went at it Saturday night and they weren’t even on the ice.

Apparently, the mascot was attacked by the fan at the United Center in Chicago and police responded to the incident.  Who would’ve guess that fans of a violent sport would themselves be violent?

Anyway, as of Saturday night, no one was in custody.


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