Kentucky radio station plays ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ for 2 straight hours

Political correctness has gone off the rails. You literally cannot play a song on the radio without people getting up in arms.

A group of unhappy people with way too much time of their hands, are upset by the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” They say believe it should not be played, that its lyrics are offensive and promotes rape culture.

In this era of #MeToo, this kind hypersensitivity to anything even remotely offensive is ridiculous. Do people not realize there is an option to, you know, change the station? It’s not a favorite song of mine, but because I believe there are much, much better Christmas songs, like every other Christmas song (except “The 12 Days of Christmas”).

Now, one Kentucky radio station is fighting back against all the political correct stupidity. WAKY in Elizabethtown played the terrible song for over two hours in order to make their point.

Good idea, but c’mon who wants to listen the same song over and over? I’m afraid you’d likely lose more listeners than gain in the process, but hey I’m writing about the station so maybe they are getting the attention they desired.

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