Alec Baldwin: Trump is ‘punishment’ for slavery, Vietnam and Japanese internment

Actor Alec Baldwin is not a fan of President Donald Trump. He often portrays the president on Saturday Night Live and is an avid supporter of anyone and everyone with a “D” by their name.

However, if you weren’t aware of Baldwin’s dislike of Trump, some of his most recent tweets will make that crystal clear.

If you already didn’t think Baldwin was unhinged, there you have it, actual proof.

Disagreeing with someone on a matter of policy is one thing and voicing those differences is completely and total fine, in fact, it’s welcomed in the United States of America. But those tweets are from someone who possesses nothing but pure, blind hatred for the president. You absolutely cannot talk with someone like that, they cannot be reasoned with and if you try, you’re just wasting your time.

So much for Hollywood having open minds and welcoming rational, logical discussion and differing opinions.

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