‘Adulting classes’ are a thing

For some growing up is difficult.  For others, it seems to be nearly impossible.

That’s why adulting classes are now an actual thing.  The classes teach millennials skills they need to be actual, real life adults.

In these classes, students will learn things like cooking, budgeting, time management and even how to change a tire.

While those skills are necessary and worthwhile in order to survive by oneself in the real world, it’s kind of sad that these classes are needed. Doesn’t it say something about our society that 18, 19, and 20-year-old adults don’t know how to properly allocate their time?  Likely, what it does say isn’t good. At. All.

Improving oneself is always a worthy venture, whether it be through reading or exploring a new hobby, but “adulting classes” just sounds really, really sound. Why do we have to teach adults how to, you know, be adults?

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