President Trump wants SNL ‘tested in courts’

President Donald Trump is once again upset by Saturday Night Live.

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted that SNL and the network that it’s on, NBC, should “be tested in courts” because of their “one sided sided coverage.”

Likely, Trump is upset about Saturday Night Live’s cold open in which the long-running sketch comedy show, in a “It’s a Wonderful Life”-type scenario envisioned a world in which Trump was never elected President of the United States. All the major players, including Eric, Donald Trump Jr., Melania, Brett Kavanaugh, Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen were in the sketch and we hear how each of their lives turned out different without Trump as president.

Check out the sketch below.

Politics aside, the sketch is actually pretty funny and yes, it takes its obvious shots at Trump, something that the topical comedy show normally does.

This isn’t the first time the former SNL host has been upset by program. Before he’s complained about Baldwin’s performance, has called the show unfunny, irrelevant and biased. But this is the first time President Trump has suggested that SNL, a show that normally mocks whomever is President of the United States, should be taken to court.

A sitting president suggesting that a comedy show should be taken to court over jokes is ridiculous. Sometimes you gotta be able to take a joke, right or possibly even turn the channel?


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