President Trump tweets about The Weekly Standard and Bill Kristol, Kristol responds

On Friday, after 23 years in publication, The Weekly Standard announced they were closing up shop.

One of the contributing editors for the magazine, John Podhoretz, tweeted out the news on Friday.

The conservative publication has often criticized President Trump and his administration. One of the publication’s most vocal critics has been conservative commentator and writer Bill Kristol, who was The Weekly Standard’s editor at large.

On Saturday morning, after announcing the departure of yet another person at The White House, President Trump sent out a tweet about the closure of The Weekly Standard and Bill Kristol.

Following the tweet, Bill Kristol responded and simply asked the President to tag him next time.

I get it, Trump is a “counterpuncher,” and retaliates against those who attack him. But to have the President of the United States tweet out something so petty about a business that is shutting down, simply because they didn’t agree with every single thing that he did isn’t a good look.

Disagreements on policies and other important topics are good, even healthy,  especially when they lead to an open and honest discussion. However, this tweet is just an example of kicking people when they are down and to have it come from the President of the United States is unbelievable.

People lost their jobs yesterday, a little more than a week before Christmas and this is how the President of the United States acts? Trump is the president of everyone, not only those who agree with him 100 percent of the time and mocking a company for going under isn’t very presidential.

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