Michael Avenatti calls for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to be fired

Michael Avenatti likes really, really likes attention. After floating the idea of a potential 2020 presidential campaign, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels ultimately decided against a run for the White House.

Now, he’s using Twitter to call for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s job.

Avenatti is doing so after Carlson’s monologue this week in which Carlson said that mass immigration makes our country “dirtier and poorer,” in regards to its effect on our economy.

Check out Carlson’s comments below:

Following the comments, insurance company Pacific Life pulled their advertisements from Carlson’s program.

The company also put out a statement about their move:

As controversial as Carlson’s comments may have been, Avenatti using this as an opportunity to call for his firing are really disingenuous. Avenatti, who at one time was a media favorite, was on CNN nearly every night discussing President Trump. He finally went on Carlson’s program and was badly embarrassed.

Avenatti, who was recently arrested for domestic violence, has propped himself up as a fighter for the underdog, the little guy, but let’s be honest, the only guy Avenatti is looking out for is himself. This latest episode is just another attempt by Avenatti to extend his 15 minutes of fame.


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