WATCH: Michael Cohen says ‘Trump knew it was wrong to make hush-money payments’

This week longtime Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison.  His sentence comes after pleading guilty to lying to Congress and making secret, illegal payments to silence two women claiming to have had affairs with then-candidate Donald Trump.

On the Friday before learning of his sentence, federal prosecutors released documents indicating that Cohen made the payments after being directed by  someone referred to “Individual – I” who successfully ran for President of the United States.

Following Cohen’s sentence, President Trump took to Twitter to deny those claims:

Now, Cohen is speaking out after being sentenced and President Donald Trump’s denials. Cohen spoke to ABC New’s George Stephanopoulos and he didn’t hold back. He claims Trump knew that those payments were wrong and says that President Trump did not tell the truth in regards to the special counsel on the Russian investigation.

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