People are losing their minds over Ted Cruz’s beard

People love to hate Ted Cruz’s face – maybe more so than his politics. But the Texas Senator has been sporting a beard as of late and everyone from Esquire to Slate are endorsing it.

Esquire’s headline read, ““Damnit, Ted Cruz’s Beard Looks Tolerable Now” and in it, the writer says “His greatest political opponent has always been his face. A few weeks off the razor has changed that.”

See, the thing about this beard is that it’s fucking endearing, man. It’s salt, it’s pepper, it’s still a bit patchy, but good Lord, he’s trying. And you can tell he’s trying. And it beats the alternative so, so badly that suddenly, on this 12th day of December 2018, you’ve found yourself rooting for Ted Cruz. Yeah, the guy who so easily and frequently opens pop-up shops for his dignity now occupies a small space in a different part of your brain.

The writer at Slate says:

Cruz’s new beard serves as a proof point for a few aesthetic and economic theories. First: Beards are contouring for men. Men who complain that women who wear a ton of makeup or don sunglasses in their Tinder profile photos are scamming men into thinking they’re hotter than they are had better never grow facial hair, because beards are capable of facial trickery no contouring palette could hope to accomplish.

Even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen agree.

Maybe he would have beaten Donald Trump in 2016 had he only had a beard.

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