MSNBC anchor ‘begging’ Fox News to stop giving Ann Coulter airtime

Conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter is not for everybody. She’s incredibly blunt, says exactly what she thinks and that is often times controversial.

Admittedly, I don’t always agree with everything that she says but she still has the right to say whatever she wants, that whole freedom of speech thing.

But according to one MNSBC anchor, Coulter went over the line Wednesday night on Laura Ingraham’s show “The Ingraham Angle” and she’s calling on Fox News to stop giving Coulter airtime, saying her latest comments¬† are nothing but “pure hatred.”


She appeared on the show to address the overt anti-semitism of the Women’s March and the connection of Louis Farrakahan to the leaders leaders of the group.

What’s odd though is that Stephanie Ruhle tweets out a 30 second clip of a nearly 10 minute segment.¬† Ruhle, in her tweet, does not address the reason for the segment: the blatant anti-semitism behind the Women’s March.

Oh, also last time I checked, Al Sharpton still has a show on MSNBC.

Check out the entire segment with Coulter on The Ingraham Angle, it begins at the 28 minute mark.

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