KFC selling fire log that smells like their chicken

KFC, at least in their advertising, has always been creative. Their commercials of many different and notable celebrities playing Colonel Sanders has been going on for several years now.

It’s an extremely simple idea that has gotten a ton of traction and attention. Every week it seems that they have a new celebrity donning Sanders’ white suit, wig and facial hair.

Now, the fast food chain has another genius marketing idea and they are getting in the holiday season as well. They are actually selling a fire log that smells just like their chicken.

Yes, you can actually pick up a log that smells like KFC’s 11 herbs and spices for $18.99.

Interested in purchasing the KFC holiday seasonal item? Just don’t get enough KFC? Well, you can order one at KFCfirelogs.com.

No one is likely to say anything to you if you do actually buy one, but know that everyone will be silently judging you.

What will they come up with next?



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