WATCH: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry dance to Bollywood music

Many people enjoy playing sports, that doesn’t necessarily make them athletes. Frankly, some who engage in those select athletic events, for one reason or another, probably shouldn’t. Whether it’s because they just don’t know what they are doing, resulting in possible injury or they are so incredibly bad that their terribleness actually makes it worse for those around them, they are probably better remaining on the sidelines.

Not everybody is great or even good at everything and that’s fine.

For instance, I enjoy music but I can’t sing and so therefore I don’t do it in public, subjecting innocent people to that awful sound. It would just end up making things terribly awkward for everybody involved.

Similarly, former secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton obviously cannot dance. However, that did not stop them for doing so and they put their lack of dance skills on full display in India recently. Both attended the wedding in India. The daughter of that country’s richest man got married.

Kerry and Clinton decided to join in the festivities, which included dancing. It did not go well.

Check out their dancing:

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