Pelosi agrees to limit her time as Speaker of the House, will step down by 2022

Democrat Nancy Pelosi will likely become to the next Speaker of the House come January.

However, the California Democrat has reportedly agreed to limit her term as the leader in House of Representatives. The deal would mean Pelosi would give up the gavel in 2022, which would mean the Democrats would need to hold the House for the next four years.

This deal all but assures that Pelosi will once again assume the speakership when the new Congress convenes in January.  Of course, the move is to appease those Democratic House members who wanted a new fresh face to lead their party.

Now that the question of who will lead the Democrats in the House appears to be behind them, it will now be interesting to see how Pelosi and the rest of the establishment Democrats handle upstart newcomers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others who aren’t so keen on Pelosi.



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