Glenn Beck plays Santa; pays off balance of layaway items at Texas Walmart, spends $27,000

Tyler Perry, Kid Rock and now Glenn Beck.

The conservative commentator was feeling mighty generous recently.

Apparently, Beck went into a Texas Walmart and decided to pay the remaining balance of all the items on layaway.

The price tag of Beck’s generous move: $27,000.

The founder of The Blaze said he was inspired by filmmaker Tyler Perry, who walked into a Walmart and paid off layaway items for people at two Georgia Walmarts.

Perry reportedly ended up spending more than $400,000 as he helped out total strangers.

Much like Perry, musician Kid Rock also did something similar paying off layaway items at a Nashville, Tennessee Walmart. Rock’s charitable move amounted to $81,000.

We’re in the holiday season and several have stepped up in a big way to help out total and complete strangers.

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